About Me

I am a software Developer Working with Capital One's Technology Division.


Book Review - Node Cookbook Second Edition by David Mark Clements

24 Jul 2014

Node Cookbook like other Packtpub books is a quick reference and a ready reckoner for anyone interested in Node.js.

Book Review - Making Java Groovy by Ken Kousen

19 Nov 2013

Making Java Groovy - Certainly Does that!

Book Review - Java EE 7 Developer Handbook by Peter A. Pilgirm

19 Nov 2013

Java EE 7 Developer Handbook is a reference guide for programmers who work in the aread of enterprise application development using Java EE technology. This book is certainly not for dummies.

Book Review - Java EE Development with Eclipse by Deepak Vohra

04 Feb 2013

Java EE Development with Eclipse is a practical guide and a ready reckoner for anyone interested in Java EE Development. Deepak Vohra in this book has included commonly used Java EE Technologies and provides an extensive details about how to develop them using Eclipse. This post tries to review the book to find out whether the book really do justice or not.

Transitioning myself from a Forgotten Electronics Engineer to a Known Software Engineer.

30 Dec 2012

I am an Electronics Engineer by education and a Software Engineer (???) by profession. There is always a feeling that I lack the knowledge to be a suitable person for my profession as I do not have the skills that a CS graduation might have. So, here is my study plan to finish this lacuna. A plan to help me switch from forgotten Electronics Engineer cum not-so-good-Software Engineer to a better person in the world of Computer Science and Engineering.

Domain Registration - One Week Headache

16 Dec 2012

Domain registration became a weeklong headache for me. What happened? How I overcame it. This post is on a personal experience.

Command Line.

In the beginning was a command line!

Command Line Navigation and much more.